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How to Choose a Sand Making Machine?

Nov. 07, 2020

Sand making machines, also known as vertical shaft impact crushers (VSI), are mainly used for making sand. VSI crusher is a high-energy and low-consumption impact crusher with international advanced level. VSI Sand Making Machine is the most effective, practical and reliable crusher.

The sand making machine is the core equipment of the sand making aggregate production line, and the sand making machine is related to the sand making quality of the finished machine, so many factors should be considered when choosing a sand making machine.

VSI Sand Making Machine

VSI Sand Making Machine

Factors affecting sand making machine

1. Feed size

In the design of the artificial sand making system, the particle size of the feed should be considered first. Generally, if the raw material is less than 25 mm and the classification is better, the sand making system will work effectively and achieve a large amount of sand making.

2. Material moisture content

The moisture content of the raw materials will also affect the efficiency of sand making. When the moisture content exceeds 2%, the separation efficiency of the screen will decrease. Therefore, for dry production technology, rain protection must be considered.

3. Equipment environmental protection

The sand making machine must comply with the concept of green environmental protection and be able to strictly control noise and dust pollution.

4. Equipment material quality

If the quality of the purchased equipment is poor, it may malfunction frequently during use, which delays the construction time and affects the production schedule.

5. The reputation of word of mouth

Sand making machine suppliers with a good reputation will ensure the quality of the equipment and produce more professional products. Through the site visit, visit to determine whether the sander is in good condition.

6. After-sales service

After-sales service is the guarantee of smooth production in the future. The choice of sand making machine is a key link in the design of sand making system, which directly affects the quality and cost of sand making and aggregate production.

When selecting equipment, the nature of the source rock, the gradation and quality requirements of the finished sand and aggregate products, and the technical performance of the main equipment should be fully studied. It should be technologically advanced, economically reasonable and ensure the reliability of the system.

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