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What Is Crushing Equipment?

Nov. 21, 2020

11111.jpg11111.jpg11111.jpgMining, aggregate and mineral processing, recycling, and other material handling plants often need to reduce the size of their raw materials to create sellable products. Once their raw materials are mined, harvested or collected, they need to be broken down into something closer to the final product.

This is the source of crushing equipment. The crusher is an important part of the full loop material processing equipment. After the raw materials arrive, they are usually the first or second step.

We will know everything you need to know about crushing equipment. The experienced team at Shanghai Dingbo knows the conditions required to transform raw materials into profitable products. Read on to learn more about how crushing equipment is suitable for material handling and how Shanghai Dingbo can help:

What is crushing equipment?

In the simplest terms, it is the use of crushing equipment to reduce the size of the material into smaller pieces. These are heavy machinery and are usually part of a material handling system or factory. A rock crusher uses significant force to affect the point where the material breaks or separates.

Most crushing equipment is designed with heavy plates or jaws to exert pressure on any material that has been sent into the chamber. The crusher can be smaller and lighter, but it is usually built into the full loop material handling system. In most quarries or concentrators, you will find equipment such as conveyors, crushers, and screening machines. These systems tend to work together, breaking down raw materials into saleable products.

How does the crushing equipment work?

A chamber with heavy, durable plates or jaws is the main component of most crushing equipment. After the raw materials are fed into the crusher, the two plates are brought together to reduce the size. These heavy plates can be moved up and down to generate enough force and pressure to significantly reduce the size of the material.

Some factories use multiple crushers to reduce the size of raw materials. Not all crushers can handle large pieces of material, so heavy-duty crushers are the first part of the material conveying circuit. The jaw crusher can handle very large fragments. They are used to breaking large pieces into smaller crushers that are easier to manage.

If a jaw crusher is required, the reduced material is sent to a finer crusher through a conveyor belt. After the secondary crusher further reduces the material, it is moved to the screening machine through another belt. The material needs to be broken into easy-to-handle pieces before entering the screening equipment, making the crusher an important part of production.

How to use the crushing equipment?

Crushing equipment is the first step of production and work in various material handling plants. Each job starts with different materials and requires the use of different types of crushers. Most crushers work similarly, but the final product can be used in many different applications. The following are some industries that use crushers:

  • Mining

  • Quarry

  • Beneficiation

  • Recycling

The mining and quarrying industry is one of the largest users of crushing equipment. The raw materials are sandblasted or harvested from deep underground. In order for these materials to be profitable, they must go through an extensive material handling system. The material is transported out of the mine, sent to the crusher, and then screened to separate the particles. The crushing equipment works closely with all other machines to produce final products, such as gravel for roads, salt for antifreeze, etc.

The recycling industry also uses crushers to break glass bottles and containers. After the glass is loaded into a special crusher, it is crushed into raw materials. Then melt it and put it back in a recycled glass container to make the process happen again!

What does Dingbo do?

Dingbo's team has many years of experience in the material handling industry. Each crusher plays a different role in the work. It is very important to ensure that the best crusher is used to produce the desired final product. Dingbo provides and installs various types of crushers, including:

Jaw crusher

European version jaw crusher

Hydraulic series Cone Crusher

Impact Crusher

VSI Sand Making Machine

Tracked mobile crusher

Our team will not stop and recommend and install the crusher of your choice. Shanghai Dingbo Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a full-service mining crushing equipment factory china, capable of designing, manufacturing and even repairing your entire system.

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